Energoeffect Ltd. was founded initially in 2008. The company focused on the broad sector of energy saving and energy efficiency. The company efforts were mainly directed to work on issues as design and implementation of energy audits and activities related to the efficient use of energy and energy savings. The company performed a number of energy audits of public and private buildings throughout the country, as well as the implementation of energy efficient and energy saving measures related to these buildings. Since 2010 Energoeffect Ltd. has been actively involved in the design and construction of capacities from renewables.

Recently, in connection with the change of the situation in Bulgarian Energy Sector, the company specializes in the construction of autonomous systems that produce electricity from solar energy, design and construction of small water plants, cogeneration systems and others. Energoeffect Ltd. continues with the design of photovoltaic parks in the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Federal Republic of Nigeria. The company works in step with the new energy policy of the World Bank and new regulations of the European Union and is in close touch with the latest developments in the production of solar panels, inverters, controllers, batteries and the specifics of the application in different parts of the world.